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SCS Quality

Sullivan Contracting Services' Quality Control Program extends from our shop in Seguin to each and every jobsite. It begins in the morning when the men are briefed on the activities scheduled for the day, through the loading of the materials and the work performed over the course of the day. Our Project Managers, Project Superintendents, Leadmen and individual employees take ownership in delivering a quality product that both the Owner and SCS can be proud of.

We have broken down our Quality Control Approach into three phases:

Preparatory Meeting will be performed prior to the beginning of any project. A meeting shall be held for each crew performing work on the project. Preparatory meetings shall be conducted by the Project Manager after a complete review of all applicable contract documents have been made. The key personnel involved with the project will discuss their plan for accomplishing a successful project.

Initial Inspections will be performed at the beginning of any project. The same personnel who participate in the preparatory meeting will also be onsite during the initial inspection. Both Preparatory Meetings and Initial Inspections are intended to prevent non-conformances from happening.

Follow-Up Inspections shall be performed daily to ensure that the control established at the onset of the project is maintained until completion.