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SCS Safety

Principles & Beliefs - Sullivan Contracting Services' belief is that all incidents are preventable through the application of proper training, planning, knowledge, and resources to identify and control safety risk. Employees of Sullivan Contracting Services will be innovative and entrepreneurial in offering systems and services that return economic value while at the same protecting all workers of hazards. Only through this management philosophy can Sullivan Contracting Services sustain business growth, serve its customers, and effectively benefit the world around us.

These principles and beliefs are intended to guide the actions of Sullivan Contracting Services and its employees through our day-to-day business activities that provide needed services to our customers.

Personal Commitment - Only employees and contractors with the highest commitment to health and safety, environmental protection, and compliance will work for SCS. All employees must take personal responsibility to work safely and show concern for the health and safety of their co-workers, contractors, customers, and communities. SCS is committed to serving our customers.

Superior Performance - To ensure superior performance, SCS will provide necessary resources for effective safety management. We will be recognized by our employees, customers, regulators, and by members of the general public as a company with superior safety performance. We will continuously improve our safety performance through the implementation of our OSHA management systems. We will set and review safety objectives and do what ever is needed to meet them.

Four Basic Elements of Safety and Health Compliance - SCS adamently believes all job hazards can be eliminated from the workplace. To accomplish this goal, we subscribe to OSHA’s 4-step program which includes: Management Leadership and Employee Involvement, Worksite Analysis, Hazard Prevention and Control, and Safety and Health Training. Our company safety policies are centered around these program elements.

One Hundred Percent Compliance - All SCS employees and contractors are responsible for complying with all applicable OSHA laws and regulations and with SCS rules and procedures as a condition of employment. We will regularly audit our assets and operating practices. We will remedy any shortcomings found, and promptly report to authorities as required by law.

Prevent Incidents - Each employee must create a culture of accident and injury elimination by assisting in the recognition and mitigation of workplace hazards. We must effectively learn and create knowledge through investigating injuries, illnesses, and near misses.

Eliminate Waste and Dangerous Practices - SCS facilities will be designed, constructed, operated and maintained with the goal of eliminating wasteful and dangerous practices.

Open Communication - SCS will regularly report its OSHA compliance and performance. We will proactively work in the public sector to develop and advance effective approaches to protect people and the environment. We will listen to our employees, customers, neighbors, and regulators to continuously improve our operations, products and safety performance.