About Us

The SCS Difference

As can be seen in reviewing SCS's list of services, we perform a large percentage of our work in-house. In today's construction market, self performance of work is not common with most General Contractors. SCS feels that employing diverse skilled craftsman capable of physically performing the work gives us control over the scheduling and quality of our workmanship. We are efficiently staffed to perform and manage necessary tasks without incurring unnecessary overhead expenses which ultimately saves both the client and SCS money.

Even with the talented craftsman that SCS employs, there are certain task that will require subcontractor involvement in our projects. SCS has a great working relationship and mutual respect for the subcontractors we utilize. It is our ability to self-perform work and partner with very capable subcontractors that creates the "SCS Difference". This difference has been seen by our clients for over the past decade, and continues to achieve success in SCS's projects.