Corporate AND Manufacturing

Sullivan Contracting Services and our employees have been working in corporate and manufacturing facilities since 1997. We understand the importance of getting work done without hindering our client’s operations. A key component of our approach is understanding the facility’s operations occurring around the work Sullivan has been contracted to perform. This knowledge of each client’s operations has a direct impact on our ability to avoid hindering them. Ultimately, we realize you have an active facility that must continue to function even during times of maintenance, renovations or upgrades.

Our experiences within corporate and manufacturing facilities are very diverse. We have operated in cleanroom environments, on the floor of steel manufacturing plants, in and around automotive part assembly lines, and in countless other intricate, multifaceted operations. Sullivan understands the importance of not only the products being produced, but also the equipment, people and other resources that it takes to manufacture these quality products. Our commitment to safety, housekeeping and sensitivity to proprietary production processes have made Sullivan a reliable and valued partner to many of our area’s most successful manufacturing companies.

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Types of Projects

Interior Renovations


Facility Service
and Improvements

Site Work and
Civil Construction
Concrete and Asphalt

Trades Self-Performed

Interior Finish Out


Sheet Rock Installation

Tape, Float, and Paint

Suspended Ceilings

Miscellaneous Metals

Metal Building Erection

Sheet Metal Fab and install

Selective Demo

Doors and Hardware

Delivery Methods

Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Cooperative Purchasing

Design, Bid, Build
General Contracting

Construction Manager
at Risk (CMAR)